resourcesWe take pride in developing strong relationships with our clients. To sustain these relationships, we need to be responsive, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

Immigration law is complex and always changing. We stay informed about immigration law. We write and speak about legal developments at seminars and professional conferences. We share our knowledge of immigration law with our clients. We believe clients need accessible attorneys who answer their questions.

We know that the immigration process can be frustrating for clients. Applications are filed with different offices and agencies, processing times vary, adjudication standards change, and results are never guaranteed. Online resources may not always be reliable.

We share our experience handling similar cases to ensure that clients know what to expect in their own cases. We encourage clients to keep themselves informed, but also to contact us with questions. We educate clients to stay informed about the process, instead of simply waiting for the result. We provide links to agency resources, immigration news, and other information.